Shortage of raw materials and high prices

Climate changes and an increasing population will continue to put pressure on availability and prices for wood as a raw material unless we are able to circle waste wood back into the production of wood-based materials.

By recycling 50% of all waste wood in Europe into new wood products, rather than just burning it, 30-million-ton clean wood chips can be made available as a new raw material each year.  Recycled waste wood has the benefit of being available all year round and has a lover moist content than virgin wood, thus requires less energy to become dry.

Eco Materials aim to develop technologies and processes that allows for minimum 50% of all waste being converted into new raw materials by 2027, and we believe this will support stabile availability and prices on wood chips.

Eco Materials use AI to determine which raw materials different fractions of waste wood can be converted into, based on highest financial value and longest CO2 capture.