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Circular economy and sustainability

«The global economy is now only 7.2% circular; and it’s getting worse year after year—driven by rising material extraction and use». CGR 2023 (

We believe:

  • we need a completely new approach to how we recycle and reuse waste wood. In Europe alone, approximately 67-million-ton waste wood is generated every year, and 90% of it is just incinerated.
  • that the first step is to stop treating carbon captured in wood as a Null-sum-game. Nature has a fantastic way of capturing carbon in trees & plants, and we should keep that carbon captured for as long as possible by recycling reclaimed wood rather than burning it.
  • we can create a carbon pool in wood products by increasing products made from wood, AND increasing the lifespan of wood after the trees are harvested.
  • the solution is a combination of a healthy and sustainable logging industry combined with an increased lifespan of harvested wood.

Climate changes should impact how we choose to reuse waste wood to create circular economy and sustainability. Limited natural resources and a growing population keep putting pressure on the environment. To maintain natural resources for ourselves and future generations we need to be innovative in how we can create new raw materials from already harvested wood products.

Eco Materials develops technology that converts waste wood into a range of new raw materials. We do this by creating partnerships that covers the entire lifespan for harvested wood products.