Do you share our vision & goals?

We want to team up with suppliers, customers, partners, investors and individuals who share our vision and goals.

Yes, we do business and intend to make a good profit from recycling waste wood. But we want to do so much more than that. Without arguing why there are major changes to the climate, let us get together and see what we can do to improve the situation. It is about mentality, belief, innovation, wanting to be an inspiration and driving force for change.

If we can be a driving force for a change from whereas most of waste wood is just burned or incinerated for heat/energy, to being recycled into new wood products, that would be a cool change to be associated by.

In order to be successful, we need the whole ecosystem to be a part of this change. We want;

  • suppliers of waste wood
  • buyers of clean recycled wood chips,
  • partners on technology, logistics, production plants
  • investors with capital and knowhow
  • team members who holds us accountable and drive us forward every day