What we deliver

Eco Materials develops technology and processes that convert waste wood into new raw materials

We build and operate recycling facilities for waste wood that we own,  or operate for or in cooperation with partners. We are open to joint ventures.

Our technology transforms waste wood into woodchips that is a real alternative to woodchips from virgin wood

We use ML & AI to improve processes for:
  • sorting and collecting waste wood
  • removing magnetic and non-magnetic materials
  • detecting minerals and toxins and documentation of content
  • separating different fractions of waste wood
  • documenting the entire lifecycle of the reclaimed wood
  • logistics and «just in time» production for products based on wood chips
  • optimizing the financial and environmental value of waste wood
Consulting services
  • we support government agencies and businesses to develop and implement strategic, tactical, and operational plans for a circular economy and sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle of wood-based products
  • to find and implement technology that makes it financially sound to operate in a circular economy
Eco Materials Technology Unit