Our history

Eco Materials AS was established in 2016 with the purpose of developing recycling processes for reclaimed wood (waste wood), with the goal of making waste wood an alternative to virgin wood in all wood boards. Over the past 6 years we have built an extensive knowledge regarding requirements for how waste wood best can be utilized as a new raw material.

In early 2017, Eco Materials started a collaboration with a Norwegian waste company, where they invested in a standard waste wood sorting system, and Eco Materials established new processes for collecting and sorting wood. The first project collected waste wood from a local contractor, recycled it into woodchips used to produce new chipboard that was delivered back to the contractor’s construction project. We proved that there is a market for clean woodchips, but the quality did not meet the customers’ requirements.

Based on our search for, and testing of existing technology, our conclusion was that the necessary technology to produce clean woodchips from waste wood does not exist. By clean woodchips, we mean that it can be an alternative to virgin wood. Thus, we started the design of a new waste wood recycling technology, and we aim to have the first pilot plant utilizing our technology up and running by Q3 2023.